By the time Dizzy, Emmanuel Taz Labelle & Kayleigh Choiniereit were finished shooting their scene together, 
the sun had moved away and they were forced to move the bench out of the shade for the publicity pictures.



Posing for an amateur photographer during a break
in filming.


Two Montreal cops abusing their power once again (what happened to "Serve and protect") 
and harassing Dizzy and Mario (by demanding their IDs) for stepping into a water fountain
to film a scene for the film. Dizzy didn't have any identification on him, so he proceeded to
give them false information, of course. After the cops left, Dizzy and crew continued filming
in the fountain. It goes without saying that the people in the park (who were enjoying the show)
were appalled by the officer's bad behaviour. As a side note, two crooked cops (Nancy Lauzon and her
partner Casarto who never got to testify but was ready to back up anything said by her partner), came to
the rental board to perjure themselves and have Dizzy evicted. It's ironic that in A SELF-MADE
FAILURE, (filmed before any of this happened), Dizzy gets evicted after an altercation with a
crooked cop, the same thing that would eventually happen to the real life Dizzy. This wasn't the first time
they were doing this it seemed. The judge, the moronic Gérald Bernard, and the two cops were obviously glad to
be seeing each other again, and had plenty to reminisce about. It seems that she's an old hand at breaking the
law: A warrant for Nancy's arrest was filed at the Montreal court house on one count of fraudulent concealment
for illegally accessing a police computer database on Oct. 12, 2009. Breaking the law must be in her blood,
(besides the fact that she a police officer). Her father was arrested in Operation Axe and faced "charges of
conspiracy, drug trafficking and committing a crime for the benefit of a criminal organization." After her
arrest she was assigned to administrative duties.