While still in the middle of post production on A SELF-MADE FAILURE, Dizzy didn't want to pass up on a nice summer without shooting something. Dizzy decided that he could shoot the chase scenes he hadn't gotten around to shooting for A SELF-MADE FAILURE (and re-shoot some of the outtakes he had shot for the Super 8 version). The film would be silent, of course, and shot in B&W on 16mm film. Filming started on July 21.

Recreating a scene shot for the Super 8 version of A SELF-MADE FAILURE (seen here); 
only this time shot with an abandoned trailer, instead of a shed.

The story came to Dizzy after getting arrested by Montreal's finest. While going home one night at about midnight, a police car made a quick stop right next to Dizzy. Dizzy took off on his bike without waiting to hear what they wanted. (Isn't that what all silent comedians do? Run, when they see the police.) Unfortunately, for that night, they were out in full force, with cop cars everywhere, and Dizzy didn't have a prayer. When they caught up to him they didn't just grab him, they pushed him off his bike to the ground. Even as Dizzy was pinned to the ground (and couldn't possibly move) the police kept insisting that he stop moving. Even though it was painfully obvious that Dizzy couldn't possibly move, he still over heard one of the cops insist on tasering Dizzy! (After all, what's the point in having all these toys, if you can't use them on someone?) When Dizzy asked them why they were arresting him, and taking him to jail, they said because he had attacked the police! While waiting in his cell bleeding and sore for about three hours (and figuring that he would be stuck in jail for the weekend) a police officer told Dizzy that they had mistaken him for someone else, and was promptly released! The next day Dizzy had to buy a new bike because inexplicably, the police had managed to mangle the wheels.


Fleur Ahoefa Akouété & Max Décoeur roughing Dizzy up on September 8, 2014, for Dizzy's first scene in the film. 
Ten days later Dizzy shot the last scenes for the film.