TEED-OFF! is a 22 minute short film written (without an actual script), directed, edited and produced by "Dizzy" Daniels  
and shot on Super 8 film (and transferred to HD by Cinepost). It holds the distinction of being the only film in which he used 
a different character: Jolyon from a play he did called "A Princess Never Should". It's also the first time in which he filmed the 
scenes he wasn't in. Caroline Therrien plays the "Girl" in the film for one scene (with the "nerd" glasses Dizzy would 
use for A SELF-MADE FAILURE and BOOBS AND BUTTERFLIES), and also did some camera work for the film.



Name two silent film comedians who had short films
produced in whole or in part by the NFB.
 The answer is:
 Buster Keaton and Dizzy Daniels


In The Railrodder Buster Keaton rides a railway track speeder across Canada heading 
towards British Columbia. In Teed-Off! Dizzy Daniels plays an illegal game of golf.


The four shots above are taken from the HD transfer made by Cinepost. 

 As Jolyon, in the play "A Princess Never Should".