Cast of Characters

Caroline Therrien plays the Girl in the film. She also did some camera work for the film.

Marty "Basa Basa" Lebovitz plays the main Cop in the film.

Martin Foley plays an Accident Victim (who doesn't have a prayer) reading the Holy Bible. 
Martin also doubled as a cameraman.

Pierre Charles Dubreuil plays the Drunk in the film. He was the first full time cameraman for the film, 
but some of those scenes didn't make it to the final cut.

Mario (last name unknown) plays Caroline's boyfriend in the film.

Martin Simon Fortin Gauthier plays a Ballplayer in the film.

John Ashton (a.k.a. Corpusse) plays a bit role as a cop in one short scene.

 Transferring TEED-OFF to Digital Format

The first transfer of TEED-OFF to digital format was done on DVD by Super8Sound and (paid for by the NFB), who later changed 
their name to Pro8mm (although, Dizzy isn't a 100% sure of that). It was well done for the most part, but when Dizzy asked them 
to redo the scene on the above right (because Dizzy felt it was too blurry) they refused, saying that there was nothing wrong with it. 
Later, Dizzy realized that he had been given bad advice about the quality of a DVD transfer, and opted for a HD transfer to a DigiBeta tape. 
This was made by Cinepost. Had Pro8mm been more accommodating, Pro8mm would have been asked to do it. After this transfer was completed, 
and paid for by the NFB, Dizzy was still dissatisfied with what was done, even though the image quality was fine. Since the first transfer the 
splicing tape had started stretching and there were big gaps between them, making the film jump, and producing flashes of light. At the time 
Dizzy though that it was the way the film was transferred, that was causing the flashes.

The frame captures above were taken from the next transfer he did with The first transfer they 
did was scrapped after Dizzy complained that it was too dark. However, the second version was only a little better. The shot on the left 
was one of the worst, while they did a better job with the scene on the right compared to Super8Sound. After the transfer was 
finished and paid up (by the NFB again), Dizzy realized that they had given him a SD transfer instead of a HD transfer, but it 
was too late. Dizzy tried to make the best of what he had, and went so far as to finish a version of the film with music and titles, 
but decided that it should be done over again. Since the gaps were now so big, the film would jump wildly, at every splice. 
To cover up the flashes of light Dizzy matted the film on the top and the bottom changing the film's aspect ratio from 3:4 to 1:85. 
But, in the end, even though it had actually been finished, it was still only on SD, and Dizzy wanted it at 1080p.


 For the next, and final (Dizzy hoped) transfer, Mr. Daniels re-spliced the whole film, after talking to Cinepost again. Since they had been so nice to 
Dizzy the first time, he thought that he should give them another shot at it. They told Dizzy that if the sprocket holes were properly spaced, that
 there would not be any light flashes or big jumps this time. The two shots above were done by Cinepost. This time Dizzy paid for it himself (even 
though the NFB still got credited for helping Dizzy). The scene on the right was finally transferred properly, along with the rest of the film.