This incomplete film was originally filmed three times. The first time it was filmed in color and completed, but Dizzy was not satisfied with it so it was never shown. The second time only a handful of scenes were filmed in B&W (for a one day shoot), but the film was handed over to someone who took off with the undeveloped film, and it was never seen again. The version seen here is the third attempt. Only about 20 minutes of footage was ever shot and the film was abandoned almost for good. Later some of the best scenes were re-shot for the feature film A SELF-MADE FAILURE.

Not everyone knows that silent comedies are usually shown at a faster speed. The footage was originally shot at 18fps and was intended to be projected at 24fps. When it was sent off to be transferred digitally at MyMovieTransfer, there were no instructions on what speed it was to be played at. so rather than ask Dizzy what the correct speed was, the colorist played the footage at both speeds until he decided that the correct speed was probably 18fps. Little did Dizzy know about their method of working: Do everything as quickly as possible without consulting the filmmaker. When Dizzy viewed the transfer it almost looked like everyone was moving in slow motion. Luckily the speed could be changed. At 18fps the footage runs at 3 minutes and 3 seconds, but at 24fps it plays at 2 and a half minutes. After speeding up the two scenes he decided to further speed up the part where Dizzy and Corpusse move up and down on the park bench.

Re-shot for the film A SELF-MADE FAILURE with different actors.